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Meal Subscription

New menus are made weekly and delivered to your home. Choose from a variety of options.

Most of produce is sourced locally and animal proteins are sustainably/humanely raised.  

Chef Sarah Jane is knowledgeable in specific diets and can tailor a meal plan to fit your needs.  



Menu will be sent out Thursday and deadline to order is Friday noon.


Sarah Jane's Kitchen accepts Paypal and Venmo.

Menu includes (gluten free, low glycemic and dairy free... we do cook with eggs). 

Most produce is purchased from small local organic farms in San Diego County such as: Good Taste Farm, Marciel Family Farm, Terra Madre Farm, African Sisters Farm and JrOrganics.

Menu changes weekly to reflect current seasons bounty.

Salmon with a vegetable side $20

Chicken with a vegetable $15

2 vegetarian options $10-$15

Seasonal fish (usually a white fish) $20

Seasonal green juice (Dandelion,kale, cucumber, ginger, lemon,celery and seasonal herbs) $10/quart.

Anti inflammatory Bone broth $10/quart.

Muffins $15/ half dozen.

Garden salad box small $10 large $15.

Seasonal fruits $10.


       Red meat $15-$20


       Healthy treats

Delivery fee $10 per week.

Minimum purchase per week is a total of $100.

To begin the subscription is a $50 fee for 2 cold bags and containers, every delivery of the last week's bag and clean containers are returned for the following week.

Dirty containers will result in a $15 cleaning fee.

If a client is going to be out of town please give a 2 weeks notice or a $50 service fee is charged.

Weekend Market
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